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Austin Peay Elementary School

(Public Service Announcement)


MASON, TN June 8, 2018:  A group of 3rd grade students from Austin Peay Elementary School showcased their “Read to be Ready Program” with a visit to the Town of Mason, TN.  Four chaperones accompanied the group on a field trip project to engage in understanding the importance of community service.  This community event was dedicated as a charitable contribution for the students to “Cleanup Mason.”  The nine students participating were: Jakeveiya Anthony, Londyn Brown, Amber Brumley, Sariva Campbell, Skylynn Gammon, Azalea Harris, Amelia Leavy, Corey Reilford, Jr., and Abbigail Ward.   The event started at Mason City Hall and ended at Richland Hills Park, where Mayor Gwendolyn Kilpatrick greeted and thanked the students for their community service.  Mayor Kilpatrick emphasized that the young students will always be remembered for their community pride in reaching out to help others.  ******

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