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Mayor Eddie Noeman

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The Town of Mason elected the first American Egyptian, Eddie Noeman for Mayor. The Mayor has been a long-time businessman in Mason for 25 years.  He was sworn in as the Mayor on December 19, 2022.  With a pledge to overcome the struggling financial burden, the mayor has a vision to grow the town and put Mason back on track.

Mayor Noeman plans to clean up Mason, attract new business, develop a training center for potential workers at Ford’s Blue Oval City, and make public safety a priority.

The Story of a Boy Named Mason!

This is the story that begins with the love of a granddaughter for her grandfather, Henry Williamson, Sr.  Henry was born and raised in Mason, TN.

Click to read more, and see photos of the Boy Name Mason, who was given the Key to the Town. 


Swearing-in Ceremony

Town of Mason Mayor, Eddie Noeman and Jeff Hoffman, County Mayor of Tipton County 
Town of Mason Mayor, Eddie Noeman and Jeff Hoffman, County Mayor of Tipton County and Noeman's family 
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Jeff Hoffman, County Mayor of Tipton County, Town of Mason Vice Mayor, Carolyn Catron, Aleathea Harris, and Mary Mason
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