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Water Filter Faucet


We are installing 14 water valves in the system and fixing leaks as we find them. None of the towns water valves have been able to kill the water to any portion of the town nor county, which if they worked, we would be able to isolate parts of the town to fix leaks and so forth while other areas of the town and county potentially would still have water. We are installing a valve on Hwy 70 at the moment and then installing one on Mason Charleston Rd next. I have three additional crews in route to start putting valves in. All valves should be installed by tomorrow if everything goes as planned and no additional problems are encountered. Once the valves are in place, we can start sending water through the system and isolating parts that have leaks that are keeping the water system empty. This infrastructure and system has been in a bad state of disrepair for a long time, and we have been working since October to address the issues your town and county was having before we got here. We haven’t had a water outage since we took over until now, that being said, winter is very hard on water systems with brittle pipe and all the other issues I could name. I want to reiterate that we are working long hours and doing all we can do to get your water services restored as soon as possible.

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